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Private Office Rental at RezoMont Business Center

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​From 39$

RezoMont Business Center provides modern office rental solutions for businesses in search of an efficient and inspiring workspace.

Our spacious and fully equipped private offices are designed to offer you the comfort and flexibility you need to grow your business.


With state-of-the-art amenities, including high-speed internet and on-site support services, our private office spaces provide a professional and productive environment to help you achieve your business goals.


V.I.E opportunities.

International Corporate Volunteering (VIE) is an exceptional opportunity for companies to benefit from high-level international skills, while offering young talents the opportunity to acquire enriching professional experience abroad.

Opportunities for business

  • You can recruit from a wide choice of highly qualified, motivated candidates eager to contribute to the growth of your company

  • You can fill specific skills gaps by recruiting VIEs with profiles tailored to your needs.

Diversify your internal skills:

Access a pool of young international talents:

  • VIEs help you enter new markets and establish business relationships in foreign countries.

Strengthen your international presence: 

  • The VIE program is financially attractive for companies, because the costs linked to salary and social charges are largely covered by the French government.

Advantageous cost:

  • By participating in VIE, you invest in the training and development of young talents who can become valuable assets for your company in the long term.

Ininvestment in succession:

The candidate's opportunities

  • VIE offers them the opportunity to work abroad, gain international experience and develop intercultural skills.

Training and mentoring:

  • Career prospects: The VIE can be a springboard for an international career, offering the opportunity to join the company as a full employee at the end of the assignment.

International professional experience: 

  • VIEs often benefit from in-depth training and quality supervision, which accelerates their professional development.

Career prospects:

Hiring process for a V.I.E
in 8 steps

1. Company eligibility

Make sure your business is eligible to participate in the V.I.E. program. French companies are eligible if theymeet the criteria defined by Business France, the organization responsible for managing the V.I.E. program.

2. Mission offer

Clearly define the mission you wish to entrust to the V.I.E. The mission offer must bewritten in accordance with specific criteria of the V.I.E program and must bevalidated by Business France.

3. Recruitment of the V.I.E

You can recruit a candidate for the V.I.E position through various methods, such as job advertisements, recruiters, or by contacting French or Canadian schools and universities to advertise the offer.

4. Employment contract

Once you have selected a candidate, establish an employment contractcomplies with Canadian laws and the rules of the V.I.E program. 

5. Visa and work permit

The V.I.E must obtain aworking license to work legally in Canada. You will need to support the V.I.E work permit application by providing documents and paying the necessary fees. 

6. Insurance and social security

Make sure the V.I.E is covered byhealth insurance and civil liability during his stay in Canada. The V.I.E may also be eligible for French social security coverage, so it is important to be well informed on this point.

7. Administrative monitoring

You will have to keep the administrative documents and reports required by Business France and the Canadian authorities up to date throughout the duration of the V.I.E.

204 Rue du Saint-Sacrement, Montreal (19

8. End of the mission

At the end of the mission, make sure to respect the closing procedures, including the return of the V.I.E to France and the termination of the employment contract.

What are the advantages of office rental in Montreal?

Mail management

Let us handle your mail so you can focus on growing your business. We will notify you of the arrival of any mail and arrange for delivery to your office.

24/7 secure access

You can access your office at any time to work or to hold meetings in complete safety and peace of mind.

high-speed Internet

Enjoy the speed and reliability of high-speed internet for seamless connectivity. At Rezomont we don't waste time, we save it.


Enjoy a warm and professional welcome for you and your visitors. Our reception team is at your disposal to help you manage your appointments and the reception of your customers in a friendly and professional manner.

Kitchen area

Enjoy the speed and reliability of high-speed internet for seamless connectivity. At Rezomont we don't waste time, we save it.

Meeting rooms

We have 2 modern and equipped meeting rooms for your professional meetings and business seminars.

Office rental suitable for everyone.


Office for freelancer, self-employed

We provide freelancers with a work environment that inspires them and helps them be productive.

V.I.E supervision

We offer SMEs a flexible and scalable work environment to meet your ever-changing needs and ensure your growth.

Partenaire .

VIE business france logo pgn.png

Rental offices available in Montreal.


Private office

Without support

3 people

Half day / Day / Month


Private office

With accompaniment

4  people

Half day / Day / Month


Private office

Without support

4  people

Half day / Day / Month


Private office

With accompaniment

4  people

Half day / Day / Month

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